How Is the Latest Music Updates Beneficial For Musicians?

IMobile Music:¬†The latest music updates are coming from the world of mobile technology, specifically with RIM and Nokia models. RIM’s BlackBerry platform for smartphones has music functionality, but it is limited to listening to up to two hundred songs at a time. On the other hand, Nokia’s E71 model incorporates a Rhapsody Plus feature that allows up to six hours of live concerts. At times, Nokia has also introduced a unique feature called Rock Concert, which allows users to listen to rock music while travelling on planes or buses.

Mobile Internet Application Addiction: With the introduction of new services like Hulu, YouTube and Pandora, users find it increasingly difficult to resist the urge to stream their favourite live shows no matter where they are. Pandora, an internet application that can be downloaded free of charge, offers unlimited streaming of music and videos. To enjoy better performance, users can connect their mobile devices to their home Internet connections via a high-speed wireless network like GSM, CDMA, TDMA or WAPL. Pandora also offers text messaging options as well as free Pandora radio.

Mobile Application Addiction – Mobile applications have also contributed significantly to the growth of music streaming in the market. In September 2021, RIM launched BlackBerry Q10 mobile phone, which further enabled users to access live events through the company’s proprietary mobile applications. RIM’s Playbook tablet computer was another successful device that incorporated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to view their files through their PDAs, cellular phones, and tablet computers. Most importantly, RIM’s BlackBerry and Playbook models provided consumers with the latest music updates straight to their handsets. This marked the debut of BlackBerry as a portable music device.

Mobile Phone Apps Addiction: With the rise in popularity of RIM’s BlackBerry and the Android-based smartphones from HTC, Samsung and Motorola, it is evident that people want access to their favourite music services wherever they are. Pandora, a Canadian company, introduced the first-ever BlackBerry to North America. Consumers can instantly access Pandora through their cellular phone. Soon after, Verizon launched the first Android-powered mobile phone capable of accessing live events through the company’s on-demand music streaming service, called Verizon FiOS. The combined interest of RIM, Nokia, Apple and Verizon, who each have their unique interests in music streaming, spurred an explosion of new devices in the market.

Concerts and Tours: Perhaps the biggest reason people go to concerts is to enjoy a show by one of their favourite artists. With all the latest music updates, the concert experience has improved. The internet is no longer a hindrance for concert attendees as they can listen live to the concert through a mobile phone or the Pandora satellite radio. Viewers no longer have to visit the concert venue to catch the performance. All they require a smartphone, and they can get to where the concert is starting.

Digital Albums: Another reason why people go to concerts is to buy the latest music albums. In the past, people visit record stores to purchase albums. Now, they can just purchase the album online by just browsing the artist’s website, album, or artist’s label. This not only improves convenience but also makes buying the album more economical.

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