New Punjabi Song: A Unique Sound Of Change

With the increasing demand for Punjabi songs and artists, more new Punjabi songwriters are emerging every day in Punjab. The Punjabis have always been musical people who have given a new meaning to music through their lyrics and tunes. There are many examples of contemporary artists in the region of Punjab. They have given a new definition to the simple yet catchy tune ‘Rogyam’. They have brought joy to the people who listen to their songs.

In recent years, the state of Punjab has been dramatically affected by the presence of new hip hop artists from the United States. Such artists have been welcomed enthusiastically by the Punjabis all over the country. Most of the American Punjabi singers have been accepted as heroes in the local culture of Punjab. These new hip hop singers have been performing at various events in the state of Punjab. Such shows of support by the Punjabis to these new-age singers have helped Punjab’s state in embracing the new hip hop culture.

Some of these new-age Punjabis also prefer to listen to some hip hop songs in English instead of hearing their language. This is a matter of choice for them. Many Punjabis from different areas of the state have started to learn English to become better acquainted with the new hip hop culture. The state of Punjab has been greatly influenced by American hip-hop culture. The residents of Punjab feel like they are living in another world altogether. They are so much into hip hop music and new age culture that they have started adopting American culture as their own.

‘Aakara’ is a new hip hop song that has reached international fame among Punjabi singers. ‘Aakara’ means ‘hope’, ‘tea’, and ‘pleasure’. This new age song is about the struggle and the lack of hope. It speaks about the strong determination and faith in ones’ fate and the ability to overcome all adversities. The lyrics speak about how we should never lose hope and always believe that we will win in life.

This song was recently voted as one of the top 50 songs of all time by an Indian newspaper. The reason why the song has reached such fame is because of its excellent beats and lyrics. Several new hip hop and rap artists have tried to copy the new song. However, not all of them were able to do that. The very reason why this particular song became famous in Punjab is because of the Bollywood film industry.

Bollywood has popularized the new age movement in India. People from all across the country know a lot about Bollywood and its culture. Due to the success of Bollywood films, the demand for new-age songs and new hip hop styles increased tremendously in the country. People from Punjab, Delhi, and other major cities in India listen to Bollywood songs daily.

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