Dear Friends,

We are encouraging our fans to raise their voices in support of positive social change.  With so many vital social services under attack by conservative lawmakers, now is the time to dedicate ourselves to reversing this dangerous drift from humanity.  We will focus on supporting local domestic violence shelters and childhood sexual abuse prevention programs in each city we visit on tour.  Through discourse, education, action and strategy we believe it is possible to create communities in which all people are given the respect they deserve. Because we have decided to add one dollar to our show’s ticket price, the simple act of buying a ticket will enable us to raise much-needed funding for the organizations in your communities providing this urgently needed work.  We have been collaborating with Air Traffic Control (ATC), a resource for musicians working on activism and philanthropy, on these efforts. Please show your solidarity by joining us in support of the women and children in all of our lives.

Air Traffic Control (ATC) exists to help musicians play an effective, unique and vital role in the promotion of social justice. Musicians and managers established ATC five years ago to assemble an experienced and trusted team of leaders, resources and tools that would help them to create more effective social change collaborations with each other and with social justice organizations. As a result, ATC became an artists’ air traffic control—one that develops capacity, efficiency, and coordination to produce stronger and more creative social change partnerships.